Online Application for Weatherization Rebates
How Do I Get a Rebate?
  • Purchase a qualifying product. Click here to see a list of qualifying products, or call 801-852-6802.
  • Ensure your eligibility. Please review the Terms and Conditions for more details on eligibility and other information.
  • Complete the Application. Upon determining eligibility, fill out this rebate application in its entirety. (Incomplete applications and applications submitted without required documentation will result in delayed or denied rebates.) Applications must be received within 90 days of purchase or installation. Make a copy of application and documentation for your records. (If you prefer to complete your application by fax or mail rather than online, print the fax/mail application form, fill it out, and follow the instructions included on the form to send it to Provo City Power.)
  • Processing. Rebates can take up to six (6) weeks to be processed once your application is completed and approved. Please indicate on this form whether you’d prefer a check made out to the account holder, or a credit applied to your account balance.
  • ***The energy efficiency program offered by Provo Power will end on June 30, 2020.  Rebate requests will not be accepted after this time.***

    With the support of the Provo City Energy Board and the Provo Municipal Council, it has been decided that the SwitchItprovo rebate programs will be discontinued as of June 30, 2020. This decision is based on several factors including diminished interest and in addition to planning and budgeting for other programs that will prove to be more beneficial, both for our customers and for the utility. If you have questions regarding this decision or the programs we have offered please contact us by sending an email to

Customer Information

Household Information

Weatherization Rebate Information
Product / Target Energy Rating1 Rebate Amount Installed Installation Date Receipt
Minimum or R-19 Electric Cooled (3,000 max sq ft)
$0.10/sq ft

Minimum or R-19 Electric Heated (3,000 max sq ft)
$0.55/sq ft

Upgrade to R-30 Electric Cooled (3,000 max sq ft)
$0.15/sq ft

Upgrade to R-30 Electric Heated (3,000 max sq ft)
$0.65/sq ft

Insulation-Outside Wall1
Minimum of R-11 Electric Cooled (1,000 max sq ft)
$0.30/sq ft

Insulation-Outside Wall1
Minimum of R-11 Electric Heated (1,000 max sq ft)
$0.65/sq ft

U of ≤ 0.30 & Solar SHGC of ≤ 0.30
$0.50/sq ft

Central Air Conditioning Unit
15.00 + SEER3

1. These rates for insulation apply to homes with electric cooling. Homes with electric heating with receive the higher rebate amount upon proper verification.
2. This applies to homes with electric cooling.
3. Central air conditioning equipment must match the calculated cooling level load of the residence where it is installed. The cooling load calculation must be based on methodology in Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA). In addition, installation documentation must be completed and signed by a certified North American Technician Excellence dealer.

Submit Application

Before submitting this application, I verify that I have uploaded all receipts necessary to process the requested rebates.

By submitting this application, I certify that the information I have included is true and correct, and that I have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions associated with this program. I understand that rebates will be credited to my Provo City utility account.