About the Energy Conservation Program

Trees for Conservation  *closed for 2020*

Provo City Power offers a free tree program for Provo residents with central air conditioning. As a locally-owned and locally-controlled utility, Provo City Power is interested in lowering costs to Provo residents. Lowering your energy consumption by shading your home, it will save you money and help the utility by reducing the need to purchase expensive power, especially at peak times.

*Terms & conditions apply, with eligibility verified*

  • Must have a current Provo Power Utility Account (at the time of the giveaway)

  • Must have central air conditioning

  • Have not received a tree from Provo Power since 2018

All communications whether or not you qualify for a free tree will be sent by email.

Request your free tree here! **Closed for 2020 giveaway**

Also, be sure to check out this excellent resource of some of the trees that thrive in Provo (*not all trees will be available during the giveaway*).


Provo’s Tree Guide Book

Trees act as a natural air conditioner, and when strategically placed around your yard can have a significant impact on your cooling costs, reducing heat and reflection from the sun’s hot rays. This natural cooling happens as water evaporates from the leaf surfaces into the surrounding air. When the right tree is planted at the proper site, trees can be as beneficial as other energy-saving home improvements including insulation, weather stripping, and shade screens. Cooling costs can be reduced 30-50% by proper placement of trees around buildings, air conditioners, and paved areas. Also, lawns shaded by trees use 30-50% less water. The trees offered by Provo City Power are chosen in order to help you select a tree that would be the most appropriate for maximum cooling of your home. All trees shed leaves, twigs, flowers, or a fruiting structure at some time. There is no tree that is completely maintenance-free.

Remember, when planting your shade trees not to plant them any closer than 25-35 feet perpendicular to any power lines. Determine the shade tree’s width at maturity and plant the tree more than half that distance from the power lines.

Provo City Power plans to give out 300 trees on a first-come-first-serve basis. Submit your request online now and you will be emailed before the “Tree Giveaway” occurs with details and information on how to get your free tree. Trees will only be given to Provo residents who qualify as per the terms and conditions of the program. For more information and details regarding any tree-related questions, you can visit the Provo City Forestry Division¬†or Call 801-852-6920.

Customers who have received a tree in the last two years (2019 & 2020) do not qualify.