About Provo City Power

Provo City Power is a municipally-owned energy utility. Instead of being focused on profits for shareholders, Provo Power focuses on providing outstanding service to Provo residents at a very competitive rate. The American Chamber of Commerce Researchers Association states that Provo’s utilities are 15% below the national average. That results in savings for every Provo resident.

Our utility infrastructure is constantly being upgraded in response to community-wide residential and industrial development. In addition to comparatively lower costs, utility services are easily accessible throughout Provo, ensuring our customers convenient, reliable service. Provo has also taken pains to ensure that all of our systems are environmentally sound, meeting or exceeding federal and state standards.

Provo City Power Contact Information

Provo City Power
251 West 800 North
Provo, UT 84601

Admin Office
Telephone: 801.852.6802
Email: switchit@provo.utah.gov

Customer Service
Telephone: 801.852.6000 or dial 311