Home Energy Audits


Provo city offers a low-cost home energy audit where you’ll be able to tell immediately what things you can do to save money on your energy bill. In addition, you’re welcome to participate in a free online home energy audit offered by the U.S. Department of Energy. Read more below to see what is being offered, and check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

*The energy efficiency program offered by Provo Power will end on March 30th, 2020.  Requests for audits will not be accepted after this time.*

With the support of the Provo City Energy Board and the Provo Municipal Council, it has been decided that the SwitchItprovo rebate programs will be discontinued as of March 30th, 2020. This decision is based on several factors including diminished interest and in addition to planning and budgeting for other programs that will prove to be more beneficial, both for our customers and for the utility. If you have questions regarding this decision or the programs we have offered please contact us by sending an email to switchit@provo.utah.gov

Advanced Diagnostic Home Energy Audit

An Advanced Diagnostic Home Energy Audit will provide detailed information on your home’s energy usage. A professional energy auditor will come to your home and perform the following tasks:

  • Visual inspection of interior doors and windows
  • Visual inspection of heating and cooling systems
  • Visual inspection of attic insulation
  • Visual inspection of air barrier
  • Visual inspection of light fixtures, appliances, etc.
  • Visual inspection of faucets (flow, leaks, etc.)
  • Recommend repairs, improvements and upgrades
  • Review of any applicable weatherization and rebate programs.
  • Infiltration and ex-filtration testing using Calibrated Blower Door (Air Barrier)
  • Infrared Thermal Scan of the home’s interior and exterior
  • Duct leakage testing
  • Inspection of heating and cooling systems (CAZ Inspection)
  • Inspection for moisture and condensation issues
  • Recommend repairs, improvements and upgrades
  • Review of any applicable weatherization and rebate programs.

The fee for the Advanced Diagnostic Home Energy Audit is $50, billed on your Provo City utility bill. The retail value of this audit is approximately $700.

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Free Online Home Energy Audit from the U.S. Department of Energy

The U.S. Department of Energy offers a free online tool you can use to conduct your own home energy audit. The audit takes between 30 and 45 minutes, and can be accessed by clicking the link on this page. You’ll be asked to input your zip code and other information about your home and appliances. At the conclusion of the audit, you’ll be given a report with recommendations for energy improvements. You can participate in this audit as often as you’d like.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Home Energy Audit Program

Q: How many home energy audits can I request?

A: You can participate in the online audit as often as you'd like. However, Provo City Power customers are limited to only one Advanced Diagnostic Home Energy Audit

Q: Who performs the in-home audits?

A: Provo City Power has contracted with a professional energy auditing contractor, Duct Dox, to perform the Advanced Diagnostic Home Energy Audit.

Q: How will I be billed for my in-home audit?

A: The fee for the audit will be charged to your Provo City utility account, and will appear on your monthly utility bill from the City.

Q: Why are the in-home audits so cheap? If all of the services are performed as listed, and the auditors are professional contractors, it seems like this should cost a lot more. What's the catch?

A: There is no catch. The full price of the in-home audits is being subsidized by Provo City Power. The goal is to make your home in Provo more energy efficient. It's an outstanding opportunity that will only be available for a short time. When the program funds are spent, the offer will no longer be available.

Q: Are there conditions, terms or restrictions?

A: Yes. Before participating in the program you should read all of the terms and conditions available for download from the links on this page.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Apply online. You can also download a printable application for the Advanced Diagnostic Audit using the links on the top left of this page. Complete the application and follow the instructions on the form for submitting it to Provo City Power. You can also call Provo Power at 801-852-6886 and request to schedule an audit.