About the Energy Conservation Program
Provo Power is pleased to offer the Switch It Provo Energy Conservation Program, available to residential customers. The Switch It Provo program is designed to offer rebates for those who purchase qualified appliances or dispose of old appliances, and will also offer home energy audits to evaluate and/or suggest energy improvement projects and energy efficient devices within the homes for cost effectiveness. The Switch It Provo program is offered only to customers served by Provo City Power.The Switch It Provo program is a demand side management tool to promote and encourage energy conservation and load shaping with verifiable and achievable results. There is a limited amount of funding for each activity and the program will only run until the funds are depleted. The Switch It Provo program may be modified, changed or terminated at any time.

The Switch It Provo program requires the participation of the customers to submit specific information or applications for rebates. The information will be processed to determine the value and reductions of electrical consumption. The goal of the department is to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of these activities.

The Switch It Provo program consists of the following services and activities: